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Man Praying               
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From The Book of Path To Love Page 2
Published 2017

In A Dark Forest of Humanity
By: Ashraf 

Lost in a darkest forest of humanity…
Shivering in cold.
A tired soul,
Not giving in
To be the fashion or the common mold.

 Hungry for light,
drowned in kindness.
Craving for the fresh air,
While stranded in a polluted, suffocating flare.

 Out of desperation,
To calm her hopeless frustration,
She planted a seed of Persian jasmine
with her cold fragile hands.

She prayed…

and prayed.
Pleading with all the religions and none religion brands.
Singing love songs to the seed
With all that she can.
Days passed by
Darkness grow more intense
Wind kept howling.
Destroying lives,

Turning all who cared, sad and very much insane.

She closed her eyes,
Singing all the love songs she could.
While visualizing the perfection of man.
Suddenly, a beautiful sprout popped up.


She kept singing some more
Chirping like a bird with galore,
Nourishing the desired soul.
The jasmine kept growing,
aroma filling up the air.
Spreading like a wild fire
All over the world.

Announcing LOVE
& mankind's beauty of the soul.
The forest of humanity was illuminated once again,
The light soothing and warm.
Forcing the darkness  
& the Cold to retreat to the swamp.

The awakened forest of humanity
Became a display of passion & unity.
Other dark forests followed.
The planet lit up with rays of love and peace
The planet became one family at last.
All because of a tiny jasmine seed!

Warriors of PEACE!

By Ashraf

The sound of the music tender… & loud,
intoxicatingly intoxicating…
feelings of LOVE & UNITY by the masses invigorating.
The feverish passion of humanity …
Tantalizingly raw …
Injustices on the oppressed…
Raising the temperature feverishly high…
Impacting the environment… 
the nature, and the space, and the sky.

Cumulous clouds pouring rain…
Inundating…flooding streets…
Hurricanes trembling, rolling, and shattering the stones…
Earthquakes…moving the seismic plates…
Creating a shift…
unimaginable, unfathomable …
As never before …
Only in Biblical times …
in the ancient era… 
in history books.

The earth vibrating …
Beneath the warriors virtual feet ….
Moved by emotions…Across the globe…
Marching…Marching…Marching VIRTUALLY….in silent screams…
Their thunderous stomps…
Shaking the earth…
STOMPING ON the ground!
Uniting “We The People”

REJECTION of corporate WARS…
Subjugation of minorities …
oppression of the oppressed…
Rejection of the HATE… the bigotry… 
CREATION & deepening of divides…
The rich verses poor…
Black verses white…
my religion verses yours.

The warriors are marching…
A virtual walk in silence…
A volcano of silence…in seismic proportions.
Enormity of emotions…
Thunderous voices of the voiceless…
Shaking the ground…
Cracking the stone…
Shifting & changing perceptions…
Resulting in an EVOLUTION of men…moving forward…
Beyond anything seen…
Or ever heard.

Raising demand for the acceptance of all
NOT minority imposed on majority…
But, ALL treated in EQUALITY…
NOT a world ruled by military….
the powerful pulling the strings…
Forming the MOB of all sides…with puppets guiding the crowd…
Amplifying the ultimate DIVIDE…
Extremists on all sides….
Turning one AGAINST others.
But calmly & wisely, warriors are observing….
Ignoring it all…

The warriors of PEACE are getting shaped & formed.
With oceans of compassion felt in their hearts.
The waves are strongly moving…marching…in UNITY…
Weapons made of art…
MUSICALS compose a symphony of emotions…
feelings are formed, compiled with silent screams of LOVE…
deeply, deeply felt.
Majority of the voiceless…are being heard.
Warriors whose weapons of war…are made of art…music…poetry. 

Written in the books & acted in theaters live…
Stories made by the unknown warriors across the globe.
Feverish pulls on strings of guitar…
Banged on tempos…piano…violin.
Persian daff…
Persian sitars…
Their dances are their weapons…
Chronographs by perceptions of their life…

Crimes…Corruptions and wars…imposed on innocents…to NO fault of their own.
Warriors whose weapons are woven…
patched tightly by emotions…
Emotions of broken hearts…
broken promises …
Shattered innocent lives caught in war zones…
To no fault of their own..
Simply for where they were born…
in Ukraine…Yemen…Syria…Libya…Afghanistan…or Palestine…
killed by violence…sanctions…terror…& war crimes.
By pretenders of democracy…
Pretenders of human rights…
While stepping…spitting…walking over human skulls…
bodies of the masses…
shattered by all types of WAR.

Warriors are marching… 
hand in hand…side by side…
in a virtual walk across the globe…
the poor NEXT to the compassionate rich…
Black NEXT to white ….
All & all in between…
Holding virtual hands in solidarity for the RIGHTS of men…

Rejecting all “ISMS,”
Regardless of differences in religion….
United in …
Rejecting the RULE of MOB…
Rejecting the Corporate WARS…
Rejecting the BIGOTRY & HATE
Rejecting the regime changing crowd…
The ultimate causes of the DIVIDE.

Warriors are marching…
Armed with diverse cultural art…music ….& dances…
Biblical and Quranic verses …
Human evolutions & all kind of advances…
In declarations of love for ONE another…
Ability in neutrality of each nation…
Regaining sovereignty …
Honoring independence.

Warriors are marching in UNITY,
holding virtual hands…
Trusting the ability of MEN.
God’s masterpiece creation…
Seeking PEACE…Through JUSTICE for all.
Warriors on the march…
Formed by the awakened and the intellectuals…
Able to connect the invisible dots…

Collusion of the puppets… & puppeteers…creation of the intimidating MOB…
The extremists from all sides…
spreading HATE….
To conquer by deepening of the DIVIDES…
As done, since the existence of men…
But this time …
It is VERY, VERY different.

As warriors & oppressed are UNITED
in a virtual march…
Holding each others’ hands..
Rich next to the poor
Black next to the white…
ALL to standing up for all people’s RIGHTS.
The Rights of the OPPRESSED…
By ERASING the existing DIVIDE…

Enlighten…shine over the color of humanity front and FIRST…
The natives…the tribes…cultures…nations…ancients…and the new…
In a virtual march…Side by side….
NO to HATE …
NO to violence…
NO to divisions…
Rejecting puppets…
and puppeteers ALL ALIKE!

Rejecting puppets & puppeteers all alike…
For humanity to EVOLVE …
To BUILD a future…
harmoniously in PEACE…Understanding through respect…
& ultimately LOVE.
Through JUSTICE for ALL…
No superiority of ONE nation
No superiority of ONE Race
or one gender over the OTHER.

Warriors are marching…hand in hand with the oppressed…With the music of LOVE…

Dances of emotions…
Impacting the BEAUTY of nature.
Calm can be returned & restored…
No more hurricanes…or storms.
Everlasting harmony will return…
Fresh air…clean water…gentle breeze & amazing colors of flowers…
The choreographic awesomeness of nature back in flourishing of the colorful flowers.

BEAUTY in the UNITY of men…At last restored...
A must…for existence of LIFE in harmony & PEACE on earth
To return for ever and EVER…
ONCE & for all!

The second coming!
they clamor,
beating their chests.
Provoking nations
dropping bombs over their heads
innocents slaughtered
heroes not spared.
In far ... far ancient
biblical lands
painting it with blood
the color of red!

Turning homes to dust
streets to rubble.
Raising pulses of humanity
to a palpable crescendo
The Unease

Gone with the wind
The lives, laughter of kids.
Hearts STOP beating
Lives halted
Shattered and destroyed
Smashed & VOID
Like mosquitos or ants
to be terribly annoyed.

The second coming!
They declared,
buzzing around bodies of the dead.
Homes uprooted
many have fled.
Generations vaporized like dust
slowly falling downwards
adding to the earthly crust.
Bodies buried deep in the sand
the young
barely adults
loved ones
leaving earlier than their time
would have otherwise allowed.

A body bleeding drip by drip
left dying on the corner of a street
coloring the road
the darkest shade of red
For all to see.
Vultures.... buzzards....Condors flying
Circling over... the body of the dead!

The second coming!
They spewed,
While blind & ignorant
Oblivious to their crimes
Butchering the left and the right
Too blind to notice
The SECOND COMING is already HERE!

The unity of real Islam
& the real Christians
And billions of others
The LOVE for one another
The crowd of the Muslims, the Christians, & the Jews
and all others away from their views
Of the LOVE reverberating the sky
The enormous energy
Of the LOVE
Traveling so fast
Uniting with one
Connecting to others!

Blind and oblivious to the chants for JUSTICE
As Jesus & Muhammad fought for
As the Quran demands
And prescribes.
Oblivious to the ERA of REAL information
UNITING the Human race.
Oblivious to the END of their ERA
Their overwhelming LIES
Crimes beyond belief
TRUTH turned upside down
Forcing the masses to rise up,

End of the ERA of darkness
End of the WARS of creeds
The era of overwhelming DECEITS
To embrace UNITY through the LOVE
Seeking JUSTICE once and for all.

The second coming is HERE
Not in a literal sense
Not in physical... touchable... seeable human plight

But, as an abstract spiritual delight
As religion is ALWAYS meant to be
And ALWAYS will be
A real JIHAD!
A struggle within and outside till righteousness abides...
Cutting trough culmination of FEAR leading to the HATE
Coming to the END for once and for all.

Welcoming the ERA of PEACE
Through the unity & justice for ALL.
The second coming is ALREADY here
NEVER again to fall
Enlightening the earth inhabitants
With DIGNITY for all
Let’s embrace this earth-shattering
The second coming ERA

An END to the WARS
END to the empires of DECEIT.
END to kings with MURDERERS & CREEDS
Colonialism & race superiority through
DIVISION, manipulation, and CHEATS.

The second coming is ALREADY here
& will NEVER disappear!
Let’s celebrate & embrace UNITY through LOVE.
Celebrate and seek JUSTICE once and for all
Let’s celebrate the earth
this vast kingdom & its grand nature
It various creatures
The people and the dove.

The SECOND COMING is here and has begun.
A Celebration of life.
A celebration of life!

Lenses and Prisms

By Ashraf

I tell you the truth ONLY!"
The man behind the mask exclaimed,
Placing laser light on human imperfections!

I tell you the truth ONLY"
The woman behind the mask screamed
Placing laser light on human perfection!

So the fight proceeded,
The anger lingered
The darkness grew
The never-ending wars
The fight went on and on
among mankind.
The righteous and unrighteous among ordinary men!

The years passed by
millennia in between.
all ignored ONE obvious fact!
Despite all religious & NON-religious men
Trying to expose the TRUTH about men.

The fact
Of men being the alchemy of imperfection & perfection!
The Light and the darkness
The Good and Evil
A seesaw dance within
To make sense
Of a life long battle in pursuing happiness.

Men the collection of all
A soup of chemicals & spices
Alchemy of mystery resulting in the undeniable science of PERFECTION!

Dancing inside
In a chronographic battle within
in collaboration
To create men

In pursuit of happiness
to reach the top of the mountain of “perfection”
The purity
Where TRUTH needs no expression
No language
As TRUTH stands on its own
Stands on its own!

From The Book of Path To Love Page 49
Published 2017

Bulldozer of my inner soul

by Ashraf

The bulldozer of my inner soul,
revamping my inner core.
Preparing its human soil.
Planting the seeds of peace
To cease its restlessness:
The maze of wars within.

 To soar,

Building serenity at its base:
Essential for world peace.
The bulldozer of my inner soul:
Destroying its old inner core,
Rebuilding human lore.


Through understanding.
Through justice.
When communication only scores.
The bulldozer of my inner soul:
Touching deep within,
Preparing for what can be seen
From outside and in.

Of all.

 Only once the greedy
and selfish are to fall
revamp to build a new road
To reach its destination encode,
To have a lasting peace in its baseboard
By planting the seed of love

Deep within each heart
And each soul.
Only by planting the seed of love
Can we finally reach peace inside.
Leading to peace in the world outside.

From The Book of Path To Love

Published 2017

Written in Stone

By Ashraf 

The shouting is tantalizingly loud
The “HATE” sound
Forming a grayish cloud
I walk to the river
running close by
To get some peace of mind

The movement of water
its soothing sound
The slow movement of debris
Hitting the ground 
Calming effects on my nerves abound

I sit down to reflect,
Relax with its sounds.
A stone at the bottom 
Catches my eye.
I pick up the stone,
Reflecting at the smoothness of its edges.
Wisdom, patience of its old ages 
I feel it deep in my bones, 

 Almost as if it is saying:
“Once upon a time
I was a fierce, powerful man,
Worried about my tribe.
Fighting with all, left and right
Creating truly a miserable life

Simply for differences in our beliefs,
Color, religion, or origin,
Not accepting the others’ version.
Look at me now.
Lying at the bottom of a river,

Washed and thrown from far away.
Even a small wave
Turns me to fray.
In few thousand years
I will be a speck 
flying in infinite space. 

Why don’t you enjoy 
The Here and the Now,
spread “LOVE”,
Sow and plow
No reservations avow.
Enjoy this moment
Right here and right now
Spread LOVE &and compassion 

Make the world peaceful somehow
Live for LOVE
for Here &and for Now.”
I kissed the stone for its wisdom.
Goodbye stone for now,
See you in space somehow!

 I walked away in love…
Mindfully and ever so slow!

From The Book of Path To Love

Published 2017

Free At Last, 

By: Ashraf 

The sky is clear
Air crisp, no flare
I feel the urge to scream.
Facing each side
Free at last
Free at last
Free at last

But my voice quivers
My conscience squeals,
“STOP, you hypocrite!
Not much has changed
Since Martin Luther King’s days
Justice has a price
Equality has colors
Colonialism rules
Camouflaged with fragrances of flowers.


the number of “maladaptives” has grown
Reaching millions across the globe.
Justice seekers connect
Truth is spoken in a naked, peaceful dance.
But NOT much has changed 
ince Martin Luther King’s days.
His words and message resonate
Dancing in the minds of “Maladaptives” across the globe

Wondering out loud,
When will the sun ever rise?
When will love connect us all?
When will mankind unite,
Climbing the mountain of justice
Standing over its top
Screaming with such an energy and force,

 Cutting the crispiness of the air
passing the human conscious with strong flare
Melting the ice in between
connecting us through the love
Creating a tsunami of human chain

 Suddenly I feel sad
Tears fall down my face fast
Anger mounts inside
50 years have past
Not much has changed
Martine Luther king
Malcolm X

Colonialism continues to rule
Justice’s price tag has gone up
Equality has shades
Wondering when can all this end
When can we be FREE
Dancing and singing
With the music of justice
Melody of equality
The song of


 Thank God Almighty
We are free at last!
Knowing its true meaning
And meaning it too?

I can never leave YOU!
By Ashraf


I can never leave you,
even if I wanted to.
How can the earth STOP circling the sun?
How can the moon stop circling the earth?
How can the night divorce
and run away from the day?

I can NEVER leave you
Even if,
You are miles away
a huge space between us
I will never cease to stay.

I will never hear your voice whispering that “I love you” sound.
Never will you be able to caress my shivering skin
Or have your touch feel my chin.

But, you are so damn mine.
Your trillions of molecules
Engrained deep within my soul
Your energy dancing, smashing, roaring like a tornado with mine.

Thousands of years ago.
Your soul must have met mine?
but separated,
pulled away by a black hole
the nothingness of space
twirling in the air
seeking your familiar face?
Your speck
touching mine
once upon a time?

Now that I found you
In this century
For HERE and for NOW
I can NEVER let you go!
Because I can’t
Because I can’t
The familiarity
The history
Pulling me to you
I no longer desire,
Once upon a time
again and again!

Page Update 08/19/2019

Many Flying Pigeons in the Blue Sky

Liberated. Absolved

By: Ashraf

I want to free myself from me.
The me that judges
builds a wall with pride
separates and divides.

I want to free myself
to be mankind.
Liberated, sophisticated

The caring
The kind
Who is color blind
to absolute default. 
No separation
or ever divide.

To love nature
and its extension,
man, as one of its masterpiece creations.
The seed, its fruits
The earth, its weeds
Animals of all kinds
The ant
The lion
The eagle 
The strong and the weak
Noah’s ark as God's intent.

I want to free myself from me
Remove the colored lenses
Judgmental glances
See all as I see myself.
I want to do to others
as I expect to be done unto me.  

The mankind
God’s image on earth
The ONE Attar’s Simorgh instructs.
The ONE Hallaj tried to construct.
The ONE Rumi beautifully described.
A universe made of molecules
The bacteria
The good and the bad
Living in harmony as destined.

To build me who I am
God’s creation on earth
His masterpiece
The kind
and evolved
Perfected and beautifully designed 

So I work on me
Starting Today. Right HERE and NOW.

With the stroke of a brush 
on a canvas of the unknown.
I paint me, the masterpiece.
A new me
to be


By a gentle brush
One stroke at a time

God’s image on earth
As intended upon my birth!
Free from judgment or divides!


By Ashraf

Happiness is a cup of tea
with a soulmate or beloved
even if in imagination 
a floating

Happiness is 
when your loved ones
are happy and healthy
roaming about 
Even if not with you 

Happiness is YOU
your words in to my listening ears
stirring sentiment 
melting away fears.

Happiness is you & me
the us.
Our energy twirling like a dervish 
in a Persian bazaar 
or a mosque.
for ever and ever
Since beyond.

Even if simply in our minds
while focusing on HERE 
In this place and for NOW
a speck
floating in space
in the future
thousands of years from now.

Happiness is living for each other 
for better or for worse
Knowing that is all that really matters

And happiness is you.
A universe in my imagination 
a universe consisting of YOU!
Existing in this century 
with borrowed clothing
a universe 
uniquely designed 
in the current shape of YOU!

Unique but similar!

By Ashraf

I've traveled to so many places.
I've seen continents, nations
tribes, and various 
colors, races, and faces.
Each time I tried to gather 
a pearl of wisdom or two.
My shade changed to different colors & hues.

It seemed a blessing at first
But also a curse too.
My feeling of belonging grew and grew
But I also felt as though I no longer belonged.
They became my family and my country 
my beloved
my cultures too.

I felt at home with all religions
as long as love was their allegiance.
Hate was a forbidden path for me.
The path of justice was the main road
to end all existing feuds.
I always found a bridge to my sweet home
loved all the cultures I had ever known
and places I had ever roamed.

But it was a lonely journey all along
as I felt isolated from the crowd.
I wanted everyone to love one another
as they seemed so alike.
Once the layers were peeled like an onion
the cores were all unique but similar.

Deeply human
filed with sorrow and love
striking resemblance 
despite our clothing and appearance.
I wanted to scream
please STOP!
Focus on similarities and realize 
we are all truly one.

Scattered particles of a shooting star
The result of the Big Bang theory afar
We are all truly one
Creating a tapestry 
a melting pot
a masterpiece 
A mosaic or carpet of Persian art.

We are all but one
I wish we could accept it 
believe it
understand it
and move on forward. 


Poetry 2

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