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Beginning Has Begun, 

By Ashraf

My religion has JUSTICE as its CORE,
making everything right.
An Islamic advocation,
GLORIFYING its destiny, its might.
Lighting every corner,
every person and being,
the darkest alleys,
self-righteous palaces,
the miniscule or the grand.
CLARITY so nakedly seen,
the LIES disappear, chastising begins.

My religion is LOVING one another,
as Christians believe.
Placing its VALUES as perceived,
NO to wars of course
NO to the existence of hate anymore
NO prejudice is acceptable
or allowed to persist.
Accepting everyone:
a prostitute or the destitute.
Color? Who cares.
Religion? So be it.
God, be the judge!

My religion is compassion,
as Buddhism claims.
Living in presence, for HERE and NOW
in this precious instance.
Not knowing or predicting
a far away future,
a far away distance!
To care for all,
Muslim, Christian, or Hindu,
for instance.

My religion is Zoroastrianism,
the ancient mother of ALL.
Ahura Mazda,
the "LORD of WISDOM",
uniting force of all.
The GOOD versus EVIL
tying the loose ends,
tidying the knots,
gathering pearls of WISDOM from
each religion
each country
each tribe.

Creating a beautiful, exceptional tapestry with pride
all colors, all hues, all religions,
all heartbeats and vibes.
A Persian carpet of HUMANITY,
the MOST vibrant.
So unique, so full of ART.
Purity, durability, originality,
tied in eternal human unity.

Through JUSTICE for all,
may unity be the "GOOD DEED".
Through LOVE for everyone,
"GOOD THOUGHTS" will emerge.
"GOOD WORDS" unite and converge.

The "LORD OF WISDOM" conquering each.
May unity be the RULE,
a tapestry of color & brilliance
flourish, arise
glowing fire,
calming energy.
Covering each & every molecule on earth
deep within
layer by layer
reigniting & reuniting
connecting with its core.
A surge will occur:
PEACE through JUSTICE will emerge
LOVE through COMPASSION will divulge.

The WORLD will be beautiful at ONCE
A peaceful paradise at last
As Christianity and Islam promised, professed,
Prevailing of GOOD
Overcoming EVIL
As Ahura Mazda sought and fantast

An END of the world as it once was known.
A new beginning on earth has ALREADY started and begun
A New Beginning on earth has started and begun!

Microbiome (the good and the bad)
By Ashraf

I walked at sundown
as the sun kissed the ground
in every corner of my town.
The snow was so powdery fresh
the beauty of its enormity a mesh
in full display, unabashed.

The sun set
by waltzing it way out
in what seemed an instant.
Snow covered the ground
dressed like a princess’s gown
on her beautiful day
with her magical crown.
The earth embracing, waltzing, merging
into the night.
Nothing but perfection was felt.

No dirt
or growling creatures beneath:
the giant,
the fragile,
nor the ugly beast.
All their microbiomes
were covered by fresh powdery snow.

I felt majestically poetic
filled with enormous ohh.
Emotions so fresh and so very very raw
I started dancing and crying at once.
Singing the love songs again and again
to all creatures who can hear
My body and my trillions of vibrating cells,
The enormous numbers of invisible kin
held together by my skin
googles of microbiomes dancing
and singing too.

Our voices
the voice of the voiceless song.
Echoed in space
at the speed of light
Heard by googles of other microbiomes around.

Over and beneath the earth abounds
my mother, my hero,
her microbiome underground.
My beloved sister,
gone by COVID
not long ago.
My beloved dad.
All & all,
their biomes and mine.
Dancing with those beneath & above the ground.

They danced and twirled
like Darwish Muslims,
the ancient Persian crowd proudly joined hands
with the current earthly inhabitants
in a joyful dance.
Movements of circling abound.
birds hear it loud and resound.
animals moved by emotions, earthbound.

Suddenly the sky turned red
from emotions inside and out.
Love was felt vibrating the earth
expressing once again its devotion.
And continuity kept
saying to the earth:
My goodbye is not forever.
my beautiful earth,
my beautiful bride,
see you in the morning sunrise.

When I bring you my lover
the energy
the hope
Teaching you the way to fight darkness
and the way to cope.
Know and understand
that after each darkness
each down
each tragedy
though sadness abounds:

There will ALWAYS ever be the SUNRISE

There will ALWAYS ever be the SUNRISE

Rise up!
For HERE & For NOW.
LOVE is all.

Love the cycle
the microbiome
the good and the bad.

Enjoy the cycle
the microbiome
the good and the bad!

What If?
By :Ashraf

Every morning

and night
Thousands of husbands and wives
Sons and daughters
fight a deadly virus on the front lines.

Families blow untouchable kisses
behind the cold frosty windows 
Praying to God
"Please keep them safe 
Keep them alive

Let them win this war."

While the killer virus
crawls by trillions
expanding its troops
invisibly, silently, easily
occupying lands and their people.
Taking prey one per one.

No lines drawn in the sand.
No brutality of ICE

No barbaric cages
Billion-dollar walls
Acting outrageous
No cluster bombs 
No Nagasaki or Hiroshima
No set up for FEMA
No end to this phenomena.

People drowned in anxiety
Confined at home in every society
with the stress of life's
what ifs.
What if?
Bringing total sobriety.

what if?
The heroes of the frontlines
the nurses
Cleaning staff
Men in the fight
What if they all evaporate?
What if my beloveds never come home?
What if I'm next?
Oh well, never mind. Who cares.
As long as my beloveds are safe.

But what if
we all pause?
Look at this as a sign –
to awaken, contemplate, readjust, remeasure, and resize?
To take off the delusional glasses
The blindness the invincibile some
What if this is all a sign –
To carve our path to love?
A philosophical journey
A road map of sorts?
Where religious histories are being told?

What if
this is for humanity to learn
to perfect?
to evolve at once?
From cavemnn to the perfected and the kind?

To give up weapons,

the killing machines
the arsenals of cavemen
gathered like collectibles
built by misperceptions?
Us versus others?
What if this is to stop the wars at once?
Hug kids in Yemen
the Palestinian youth
Syrian heroes
All defending their lands
Fighting insatiable imperialism and its gangs

What if we respected the Iranian Revolution
Accepted human evolution
seek and find solutions
Lift horrific sanctions
Killing innocents based on differences
and misperceptions
Stop threats
covert and overt operations?
Iran, Russia, China
Today is one, next is Korea, Cuba,Venezuela
Ukraine or Ziombove or Bolivia.

What if we learn from this titanic war
and crush our egoes?
Leave it behind and away, afar
Not to be the only star?
What if
we share?
Stop building the damn wall?
Regime changes
Illegal acts and crimes
Hateful, nasty brawls

What if we understand the message of God:


Stop the endless WARS?
Cherish, love one another
Let JUSTICE stop fraud
Seek equality for all
let love govern our hearts?

What if we all evolve?
What if
we embrace God's message
to be a human being
as our destinies intended?
What if we all evolve?
What if we all evolve?

The second coming!

By Ashraf

The second coming!
they clamor,
beating their chests.
Provoking nations
dropping bombs over their heads
innocents slaughtered
heroes not spared.
In far ... far ancient
biblical lands
painting it with blood
the color of red!

Turning homes to dust
streets to rubble.
Raising pulses of humanity
to a palpable crescendo
The Unease

Gone with the wind
The lives, laughter of kids.
Hearts STOP beating
Lives halted
Shattered and destroyed
Smashed & VOID
Like mosquitos or ants
to be terribly annoyed.

The second coming!
They declared,
buzzing around bodies of the dead.
Homes uprooted
many have fled.
Generations vaporized like dust
slowly falling downwards
adding to the earthly crust.
Bodies buried deep in the sand
the young
barely adults
loved ones
leaving earlier than their time
would have otherwise allowed.

A body bleeding drip by drip
left dying on the corner of a street
coloring the road
the darkest shade of red
For all to see.
Vultures.... buzzards....Condors flying
Circling over... the body of the dead!

The second coming!
They spewed,
While blind & ignorant
Oblivious to their crimes
Butchering the left and the right
Too blind to notice
The SECOND COMING is already HERE!

The unity of real Islam
& the real Christians
And billions of others
The LOVE for one another
The crowd of the Muslims, the Christians, & the Jews
and all others away from their views
Of the LOVE reverberating the sky
The enormous energy
Of the LOVE
Traveling so fast
Uniting with one
Connecting to others!

Blind and oblivious to the chants for JUSTICE
As Jesus & Muhammad fought for
As the Quran demands
And prescribes.
Oblivious to the ERA of real information
Unity of the Human race.
Oblivious to the END of their ERA
Their overwhelming LIES
Crimes beyond belief
TRUTH turned upside down
Forcing the masses to rise up,
to take a peaceful STAND!

End of the ERA of darkness
End of the WARS of creeds
The era of overwhelming DECEITS
To embrace unity through the LOVE
Seeking JUSTICE once and for all.

The second coming is HERE
Not in a literal sense
Not in physical... touchable... seeable human plight
But, as an abstract spiritual delight

As religion is always meant to be
And always will be
A real jihad!
A struggle within and outside till righteousness abides...
Cutting trough culmination of FEAR leading to the HATE
Coming to the END for once and for all.

Welcoming the ERA of PEACE
Through the unity & justice for ALL.
The second coming is already here
NEVER again to fall
Enlightening the earth inhabitants
With DIGNITY for all
Let’s embrace this earth-shattering
The second coming ERA
Already BEGUN.

An END to the WARS
END to the empires of DECEIT.
END to kings with murderers & CREEDS
Colonialism & race superiority through
Devision manipulation, and CHEATS.

The second coming is ALREADY here
& will NEVER disappear!
Let’s celebrate & embrace UNITY through LOVE.
Celebrate and seek JUSTICE once and for all
Let’s celebrate the earth
this vast kingdom & its grand nature
It various creatures
The people and the dove.

The SECOND coming is here and has begun.
A Celebration of life.
A celebration of life!

Page Update 08/19/2019

Many Flying Pigeons in the Blue Sky

Liberated. Absolved

By: Ashraf

I want to free myself from me.
The me that judges
builds a wall with pride
separates and divides.

I want to free myself
to be mankind.
Liberated, sophisticated

The caring
The kind
Who is color blind
to absolute default. 
No separation
or ever divide.

To love nature
and its extension,
man, as one of its masterpiece creations.
The seed, its fruits
The earth, its weeds
Animals of all kinds
The ant
The lion
The eagle 
The strong and the weak
Noah’s ark as God's intent.

I want to free myself from me
Remove the colored lenses
Judgmental glances
See all as I see myself.
I want to do to others
as I expect to be done unto me.  

The mankind
God’s image on earth
The ONE Attar’s Simorgh instructs.
The ONE Hallaj tried to construct.
The ONE Rumi beautifully described.
A universe made of molecules
The bacteria
The good and the bad
Living in harmony as destined.

To build me who I am
God’s creation on earth
His masterpiece
The kind
and evolved
Perfected and beautifully designed 

So I work on me
Starting Today. Right HERE and NOW.

With the stroke of a brush 
on a canvas of the unknown.
I paint me, the masterpiece.
A new me
to be


By a gentle brush
One stroke at a time

God’s image on earth
As intended upon my birth!
Free from judgment or divides!

Pledge to Love

Pledge to love
I pledge to lovonever betray my beloved.
Love is cure.
Love heals 
Love is pure
Love molds,
And beholds.

 Love connects.
Takes away the pain of disconnects.
Heals loneliness &the depressed.
Love has,
Mends broken hearts,
Stitches back our worldly attire.

 Love is the only way.
As Christians says,
“Love one another” (John 13:34)
As Quran says,
“Humanity is one”( Quran 49:10)
Love is a divine sign.
"You may know one another” (
As Buddhism announces
“My religion is kind” (Dalai Lama)

 As the wise have always known,
Love is the only way.
Loving each other
Is the ONLY way.


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